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Friday, January 10, 2014

'IOM an institute, not prostitute'; Dr Govinda K C declares war against the corrupt TU officials and their political patrons

A new struggle starts at IOM, TUTH in an attempt to prevent the institution from sinking as a result of the endless greed of the politicians and their proxies in the institution.

Barely one and a half years after his two fasts forced the politically appointed TU officials to make merit-based appointments in the Institute of Medicine, Dr. Govinda K C today announced an all out struggle against the corruption and brazen political interference in the institution.

This time the protest will have the demand of larger clean up of the institution including the resignation of the blatantly corrupt TU officials, he said to the group of doctors and other employees in the TU premises. He also outlined his vision of establishing an autonomous medical university by dissociating the IOM from the labyrinth of TU.

'IOM is an institute, not prostitute', he reiterated explaining how the shoddy politicians and their cadres guised as professionals have been behaving with the institution as if it were the means of their illicit wealth-gathering and nothing else.

To all the young doctors who have been facing an uncertain future at the institution, he exhorted to look into the larger interest of the institute which is the only way of securing future of everyone in the long term. By this he was referring to the constant non cooperation of the TU officials to the outgoing team of Dr. Prakash Sayami which has brought to halt the process of promotion and permanence of the faculty members.

Ironically, in face of intense political pressure, the TU officials had yesterday appointed Dr. Shashi Sharma, a man of most questionable integrity as the new Dean. Dr. Sharma's notoriety as one of the most corruptible man in the fraternity has been surfacing in various media outlets ever since some of his activities related to granting affiliation to medical colleges during his tenure at NMC came under the scrutiny of the CIAA.

One is now perplexed to find somebody who was supposed to be appropriately investigated and prosecuted for any wrongdoing has now been awarded with one of the most 'lucrative' posts in any public institution in the country.

Dr. Prakash Sayami had resigned from the post one month ago after the TU officials made it impossible for him to perform the job after he refused to grant affiliation to four more private medical colleges.

[Note: The fast-onto-death of Dr. Govinda K C is starting tomorrow in the premises of TUTH. For solidarity, you are most welcome and easiest way to help his cause is to spread the word in Social Media and elsewhere. If you feel strongly about the cause, you may help with the physical presence in the fasting site. Statements in his solidarity will also be helpful. I personally endorse his cause and will be there physically with him and if it is decided to have a relay fast along with him, I will certainly participate. If you want to join the relay fast in solidarity, that will be even more welcome.]

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