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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nepal's resident doctors unite in a bid to cleanse the system

At the end of a tumultuous three-week period, the resident doctors in Nepal have realized many things. The necessity of a strong professional body is one of them. If Nepal Medical Association had not come strongly in support of the agenda sustained for a whole week by Dr. KC and young doctors only, things would have evolved much more differently than they have now.

With this realization, the elected resident's body from IOM, TUTH (National Resident Doctor's Association, NRDA), NAMS (Resident's Association of NAMS, RAN) and BPKIHS, Dharan (Junior Residents Welfare Society, JRWS) have decided to join hands to form a national level body of the resident doctors.

In a meeting of the representatives from the three bodies today, a 12-member ad hoc comittee was formed with a mandate to establish a formal body of resident doctors in a period of 3 months.

The body will help NMA to micro-manage the issues related to the health and medical education sector in Nepal. It will also focus on the immediate concerns of the medical students and young doctors like:

1) making the PG courses affordable by advocating for fair and transparent fee structure in private TU colleges and BPKIHS
2) ensuring an uniform and reasonable stipend for all residents irrespective of the place of study
3) working out to make the life of resident doctors more humane by adjusting duty hours
4) ensuring the 'residents' are provided residence by the hospitals, etc.

In the meanwhile, the body will also pay attention to ensure that the pledges made by the authorities while ending the fast of Dr. Govinda KC are met in timely manner.

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जीवनमा अफ्ठ्यारा घुम्तीहरुमा हिंडिरहँदा मैले कुनै क्षणमा पलायनलाई एउटा विकल्पको रुपमा कल्पना गरेको थिएँ, त्यसलाई यथार्थमा बदल्ने आँट गरिनँ, त्यो बेग्लै कुरा हो त्यसबेला लाग्थ्योः मेरा समग्र दुखहरुको कारण मेरो वरपरको वातावरण हो, यसबाट साहसपूर्वक बाहिरिएँ भने नयाँ दुख आउलान् तर तत्क्षणका दुरुह दुखहरु गायब भएर जानेछन् कति गलत थिएँ !

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