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Friday, July 6, 2012

The second day of fast at TUTH: The dangerous 'unknown unknown's

Some events are visible from outside but they are mere cover for something ominous that is going on behind the curtains. 'Dangerous' could be the most benign term for them. A crucial moment for introspection for everyone.

Dr. Govinda K C's fast has entered the second day today.

The students of the institution have now come to the front to show solidarity with him. The Free Student's Union (FSU) and the National Resident Doctor's Association (NRDA) both have called for complete closure of academic activities and it has been already enforced. They have also padlocked the Dean office and Maharajgunj Medical Campus. Since the academic activities of the PG students are directly related to patient service, the services other than emergency are also affected.
Dr. Govinda K C in his fast onto death program at Seminar Hall in TUTH premises. His fast has entered to second day today.

Till writing this article, there were no formal words from the two other agitating professional bodies: Professor's Association and Facutly Doctor's Association but the solidarity of most of the professionals is doubtlessly with Dr. K C.

This is however, the only visible part of the events surrounding the fast onto death program. Little is known about the machinations going on behind the curtain.

On part of the TU officials, they are answerable to the politicians who appointed them and they have lost even the semblance of shame that would be expected from someone as qualifed as Professor. For politicians with their attention fixed at the mega scam called annual budget, they can little afford to think about a beleagured institution like TUTH where mostly poor people are treated.

Significantly, while this is a 'known unknown', there are many 'unknown unknown's that are not known to public and some people who know about that are forced to pretend that they know nothing. To utter dismay of many, these unknown unknowns are highly likely to shape the outcome of Dr. K C's fast and the response of the officials to that. After all, some islands of wealth that exist in the ocean of poverty in the country have been created not through formal or 'white' economic activities.

The politicians, with help of professional criminals and professionals in technical fields have established the cartels in many fields which govern them. They have so much of wealth and muscle that anyone who knows their might is appalled by its sheer magnitude and it takes as selfless man as Dr. Govinda K C to stand upto and challenge them.

Now, this may be their best bet to keep the corrupt regime intact by letting him to die or be disabled. This dark scenario may seem unlikely to ordinary people but many in the institution are forced to believe this. After all, money is money and power is power. For this, people slit other's throats. Here there is a man who wants to slit his own throat and none will be culpable for the crime; not least the TU officials and Chancellor PM Dr. BRB; all dead set to risk health of lakhs of poor people who get deprived of treatment in case the institution collapses. There is a proverb in Sanskrit: एकम् लज्जा परित्यज्य सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत्. (Lose same and you'll win the whole world.)

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chand mamata said...

what is the reaction of the so called chairpersons of TUTH are they still dumb??? Not a surprise though!!

jiwan said...

Mamata, TU and TUTH officials are the part of the problem, not solution. Why would they respond positively to someone fighting against their personal interest? They would be happy to see him away, one way or the other.

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