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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dr. Govinda K C starts fast-onto-death: A crucial moment at TUTH

Finally, Dr. Govinda K C, Professor and eminent orthopedic surgeon at TUTH has started his fast onto death from 14:00 hours today at the seminar hall in TUTH premises. After failure of protracted efforts on parts of the doctors in the institution to get their grievances heard by the officials at TU, Dr. K C has gone for the tool of last resort. 

Addressing to a huge crowd in the same venue today afternoon, he declared the program setting forth three demands, first two of which are well-known by now. And this time he has added the third demand in view of apparent impotency and ineptitude of the TU officials. His three demands are:

1) Bring to book the incumbent TUTH officials for the financial irregularities and massive corruption (which was verified even by the Jayaram Giri-led commission formed by the government to oversee the irregularities) and render them ineligible for any post in the future.

2) Appoint the officials at TUTH Dean Office and the Maharajgunj Medical campus either strictly on merit basis or on multiple bases of capability, experience, vision and honesty through transparent mechanisms

3) Make the impotent TU officials including the VC resign immediately for their ineptitude. 

In view of the at least two previous occasions when his attempt to fast was thwarted after the officials including none other than the Chancellor of the University, PM BRB had (falsely) assured him of fulfilling his demands, today he declared his program formally only after starting the fast at 2 pm. 

While the programs of the agitating professional and student bodies in the institution are to be declared soon, K C's fast is going to cause serious concern on part of the officials including the PM. But a foregone conclusion is that they will now try to balance the risk of being seen as enemy of a public and life-saving institution like TUTH with the benefit of continuing the trend of political appointment.

Apparently, the TU officials were naive to believe that their ploy to create a so called Search Committee and to force it to resign would befool the agitators. The political parties, on the other hand, already busy wrangling among themselves for power and right now for the issue of budget; are less likely to pay much attention. This makes the scenario far from predictable.

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