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Friday, July 6, 2012

Dr. Govinda K C stares at death: What next?

The entrenched criminals inside and outside politics are looking forward to dousing the bright flame carried by Dr. K C in the form of professional dignity, service of mankind and fight for a just cause. The moral battle rages as Dr. K C fights to keep his physical health intact along with his impeccable mental health. The silence of authorities is deafening; to say the least. 

He was already pretty slim for having trained his body for a prolonged fast for past many months. Now he looks thinner and more frail even though his impeccable scalp glitters as ever. 

Till today evening his blood pressure is in normal range and his health, over all, cannot be regarded bad. But till when? Every medico who has seen him has wondered: given that he has minimum to no fat reserve in body, how long will his body tolerate the fasting? Everyone is worried and anxious. 

Till now the authorities have not even acknowledged the protest program; let alone making any effort to resolve the issue in question. Even the media have other big issues to highlight and the protest program has gained a small space in the inner pages. 

Meanwhile the body of Dr. K C looses more source of energy and life with every passing second and there is little his humble and steadfast attitude can do to decelerate that process. His frail hands are holding a red-covered book by Gandhi every now and then and newspapers of the day are dispersed in the bed. A stream of visitors come and go and there is no dearth of supporting his cause or expressing solidarity to him but he is alone, utterly alone in his physical fight with this arduous task. 

Those in the castles of power including the so called 'people's PM' BRB appear to be in deep sleep; or at least in morbid denial; a form of responding to utterly discomforting reality. Psychiatrists say that is one of the worst defense mechanisms to use: the more you deny the more entrenched the problem becomes. Morbid silence from the tainted JNKhanal-picked VC Hira Bahadur Maharjan (currently busy with coming extravaganza called convocation) is deafening, to say the least. 

Naturally, the likes of Maharjan and Bhattarai care little about a man who chose to serve not the entrenched criminals inside and outside politics but the poor, injured and ailing from Dolpa to Haiti. Very few selfless persons like Dr. K C enjoy the credit for something called honor and dignity some of which is still preserved in Medical profession which is otherwise thoroughly and inhumanely commercialized. Those same entrenched criminals are looking forward to dousing the bright flame carried by Dr. K C in form of professional dignity, service of mankind and fight for a just cause. 

Let's see who wins and who looses. 

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