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Friday, March 27, 2015

Prof GKC Protest Updates: Day 6- A public humiliation to corrupt ministers

At the end of a needlessly wasted week, the govt has reportedly dug itself deeper in the ditch by forming a committee composed of two ministers (health and education), both accused of wrongdoings that collectively precipitated the current crisis.

As soon as the announcement was made public, KC sir has retorted that this is an insult to the whole movement led by him and to the aspirations of thirty million of Nepalis who are demanding quality medical education and health service.

Chitralekha Yadav, the education minister was the mastermind behind giving affiliations to two medical colleges by hoodwinking the PM and Chancellor Koirala. She had done it by brazenly changing the guiding documents of Kathmandu University in a hastily called meeting when PM was outside the country.

She has also repeatedly asked the TU officials to grant affiliation to more medical colleges in the Kathmandu valley.

She is also the one who is sitting atop the reports of two committees led by Jayram Giri and Ramesh Kanth Adhikari instead of implementing them. The cabinet had decided in this Mangsir to implement the reports and Education Ministry was supposed to execute the decision. One committee had advised to open new medical colleges outside the valley (even specifying preferred geographical regions) and the other had recommended a speedy formation of an independent medical university in the country.

Khagaraj Adhikari, the health minister was responsible for scandalous appointment of a tainted person as the head of Nepal Medical Council who, reportedly, subsequently gave favorable reports about the proposed medical colleges in Kathmandu.

This has further exposed the ineptitude of the government to understand the gravity of the situation and the seriousness of the people across the country who are now vocally supporting Dr. KC.

Likely, things will get worse before getting better.

Sir's health indicators are showing a steady but persistent downward trajectory but so far, he is in good spirits.

Meanwhile, I participated in the debate for BBC Nepali's program 'Nayan Nepal' to be aired tomorrow. They recorded it in their studio today, the other side was represented by Dr. Vanshidhar Mishra, a lawmaker from CPN (UML). Probably you can listen a short clip today and the whole debate tomorrow, so keep tuned to BBC at 8:45 pm today and tomorrow.

A huge gathering was held today in the premises of TUTH in solidarity to KC sir. Prof Chaintanya Mishra was also there for the gathering. A massive gathering coordinated by BBC's Rabinda Mishra is being held tomorrow at TUTH itself in an attempt to force the government to fulfill the demands of the movement at the earliest.

Keep tuned for more updates.

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