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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Updates from TUTH: The agenda and the drama

Amid the deteriorating health of Dr. Govinda K C on fourth day of fasting, the drama by the sycophants of politically appointed Dean Dr. Dharma Kanta Baskota has reached its climax. They have pasted all the defamatory pamphlets against Dr. K C while also claiming that their relay fasting is both for ensuring the service in the hospital as well as "lifting the institution from corruption and annual loss" or something like that.

Meanwhile the Nepal Medical Association has renewed its pledge to support Dr. K C's agenda drawing the attention of all government authorities related with the issue.

National Resident Doctor's Association is attempting to meet the PM in a bid to solve the crisis. As the PM is understood to be on way back from Chepang Basti in Chitwan, efforts are underway to hold talks with Ministry of Education Officials. Negotiation with either authorities are expected during office ours today though nothing can be said with certainty.

Meanwhile, even though some confusion prevails in the hospital, the no. of patients approaching the hospital for OPD services has dwindled, mostly because the service was closed after putting a notice yesterday.

So far the only aim of the relay drama appears to be creating commotion and confrontation in the hospital so that the whole agenda degenerates into feud between two groups. If they fail to create that (which will be the case most likely), the drama will most likely be aborted soon. They left everyone with common sense fuming yesterday by heaping allegations against Dr. K C, yet restraint was visible  for any confrontation would serve their interest.

Let's hope some sense will prevail among the authorities today including the PMO and Health Ministry. Keep tuned for updates.

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