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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TUTH: pets of politicos unsuccessfully drag Dr. Govinda K C's fast into controversy

As the vested interest of the politicians and TU officials use all their might to drag the fasting into controversy by defaming Dr. Govinda K C, the need to pressurize the authorities for valid demands increases. 

Dr. Govinda K C is struggling to keep his health in shape today in third day of fasting. In solidarity to him and in response to the government's aversion to solve the problem of the institution, the whole OPD services came to halt today. Yet there are no signs of any settlement in foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, the fringe elements in the institution have come with full force to fish in the murky waters. In a manner typical to the bickering politicians, their proxies in the hospital have started a systemic plan to smear and defame Dr. K C. The UML-affiliated employees of the institution are up in arms with all the features of the original UML.

In a pamphlet, they have gone as far as wondering why the institution is still employing Dr. K C while he has been only disrupting the services in hospital propelling patients to death and indirectly serving the private hospitals. There is a list of nonsense that doesn't even deserve mention here. Of late, it is learned that they are starting a relay fasting apparently to tackle what Dr. K C is doing. This is akin to then king Gyanendra holding municipal polls to prove his democratic credentials.

What can the BRB government do to solve the crisis? If I were in post of Chancellor of the university, I would immediately sack the tainted VC who was illegitimately picked by the then PM Jhalanath Khanal after he had already declared his resignation. If Mr. Maharjan were replaced with someone with some sense of honor and professionalism, the root of the problem would be solved.

Now that the government is in no position to do that, there are few options. First one is to let the chaos prevail now that the petty organizations fed by the corrupt politicians and officials are dead set to drag the fasting into controversy. That way it is hard to comprehend how Dr. K C can be salvaged. Second option is to pressurize the authorities by all ways possible so that the farcical decision of the VC about the political appointment can be scrapped. 

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HimalayanUniverse said...

Thank you for clearly demarcating the politico puppies and their masters vs an honest doctor's sacrifice for instituting proper procedures to operate.

It is urgent to save Dr Govind's life.

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