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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Setting the record straight: Why I resigned from Inquiry Commission

Well, speculation is the name of the game when it comes to rather unexpected resignation of all three of us from the inquiry commission.

People are free to believe or not to believe this version of story but I feel compelled to put it down here.

To start with, the reasons we gave for resigning are genuine. The question now is: why did I not anticipate this before taking the responsibility? Why did I not bother to complete it after starting the work?

These questions are justified and the people deserve the answers to these. Here I'll be giving them.

I DID anticipate the problem. That is why we had demanded to keep 2 people from our side. When the govt asked for the names, I gave two names. Number one, a respectable friend and senior based on Kathmandu. Number two, my own name. The understanding was that they'll either keep both names or keep the first name only. In either case, it would have been entirely workable.

But for unknown reason, the govt picked only my name from no. 2. The issue lingered for months and it looked like the commission would never start work. So we became busy with our own work.

When the govt actually called and asked us to start the work, we didn't feel like delaying the work again by asking to change or add members.

I admit, at that point of time, we didn't fully anticipate the impact of that act  of omission. Now people are criticizing me as if I was born for this single duty but the reality is different.

After actually starting the work, it became increasingly hard for me to stay in Chitwan and work in Kathmandu. Leaving for KTM was sure to leave me jobless at the end of three months. That was the hard truth.

Even then it was possible to do a superfluous inquiry and compile a report after sitting for couple of meetings. That was entirely feasible for me to do even while staying in Chitwan.

We decided not to do that. That is all. This dose of criticism was entirely anticipated and I was ready to take the risk rather than give a report without our full effort.

However much one sensationalizes it, this is all.

So far as the impact of this resignation to KC sir's movement is there, I think, I'm more concerned about it than anybody else. The multiple fronts in which we are fighting mean that we have to optimize the strategy and I am convinced this is part of that. I don't have to tell everyone how I'm coordinating things with KC sir and other stakeholders.

Those crying wolf at me for resigning from the commission have seen only part of the truth and they think they are justified in chiding me. Some of them have gone as far as accusing me of deceiving the entire cause of reforming medical education. Only time will tell whether I am a betrayer or not. I am ready to take that challenge.

As things stand now, I am not in a position to invest much time explaining to those people just to satisfy their curiosity. Those who deserve a detailed explanation have already got it. Among others, those who have enough faith in me to believe this version can believe it; others can criticize me. It is democracy, after all!

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