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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Prof GKC Protest Update: Day 3 -Silence before the storm

The third day of protest by Prof Govinda KC at IOM

Sir is in robust health and stable mood. Interaction with the media personnel has exhausted him a bit but otherwise he is upbeat.

There has been no formal approach by govt so far.

Apparently, the people in the govt are waiting for the doctors to close the service and draw ire of people. But that is not going to happen as early as during the previous protests. The departments at TUTH have decided to keep the services normal and resident doctors are cooperating.

But that does not rule out a disruption of services in coming days as it is the government which is inviting the disruption. Still, it will be our effort to minimize the disruption and accompanying backlash as much as possible and subject to one condition: nothing should happen to life and health of KC sir.

The apparent sluggishness of the developments at TUTH, however, does not mean the protests have not made any impact.

The other side is really worried, only short of panicking and their days are clearly ruined. That in itself is an accomplishment in a country where impunity rules the roost and those at power think they have only privileges and no responsibilities.

In fact, my assessment is that the other side is even more worried now than during the previous protests; the demands are much more comprehensive this time around. Even if KC sir has to end his fast with only few of the demands fulfilled, this episode has brought unprecedented transparency in the workings of the bodies governing health and medical education in the country.

Out of desperation, even the tainted president of NMC has reportedly instructed IOM to punish medical colleges that have taken ineligible students.

More can surely be expected. The reaction of CIAA and judiciary will be interesting to watch as they too have been dragged to the issue this time.

In short, a storm looms ahead as the fate of every culprit in the mess is now uncertain and they'll try and fail to subdue the voice of Dr. KC joined by the doctors, medical students, media and the public.

Prof. Kedar B Mathema and Dr. Arjun Karki were there in TUTH to meet KC sir and the speed and energy with which they are working in devising the medical education is commendable.

Keep tuned for more updates.

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