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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Greatest kleptocrat of all time in Nepal: Yami or Gachchhedar?

If there is one thing that I loathe the most while writing, it is talking about people, particularly in a derogatory way.

But sometimes, I am forced to do so. After all, for larger good, some people deserve public scolding.

If there is a poll in Nepal as to who deserves the crown of head of kleptocrats (people indulging in kleptocracy or rule of theft and blatant dishonesty) of all time in Nepal, probably there will be a tie. Any guess?

Of course, it will be between Hisila Yami and Bijaya Kumar Gachchhedar. The crown of leader with largest backing by goons, on the other hand, will probably go to KP Oli.

Why the talk about the lady whose party is no longer at the helm? You may ask. But there are reasons.

First, parties have never ceded control of crucial state institution despite the apparently apolitical nature of present government. Moreover, as I have alerted earlier, this sort of governance allows a more subtle and potentially more dangerous form of corruption to flourish.

I am writing about Yami once again because her (repulsive) face was seen in TUTH premises today morning with a sinister motive, according to sources.

Apparently, the political parties are in a race to appoint their candidate of choice in a significant post at TUTH that is going to be vacant soon. I am not in a position to open the can of worms right now in this article but it is my duty to alert the readers about the continued wrongdoings of politicians and their cronies in the public institutions.

The fact that the vested interest of Yami brings her to institutions like TUTH pleading on behalf of one candidate or the other indicates the situation we are in. In a post in which appointment is to be done by the dean of the institution from among the capable candidates, there is so much of pressure from the politicians and their cronies that their choice is likely to be outright objectionable from the viewpoint of the institutional interest.

Reportedly, Gachchhedar was also one among the many politicians exerting pressure for appointment of the candidate in same post.

If there is a tie in a poll for greatest kleptocrats of all time in Nepal: whom would you vote? Gachchhedar or Yami? Please express yourselves.

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