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Friday, November 9, 2012

Ghosts of K P Oli hound TUTH

A troubling and eerie parallel between health of K P Oli as a person and TUTH as an institution.

Seems the ailing UML leader K P Oli, who is said to be going through a bout of ill health has been a determining factor in driving the institution TUTH to similar ill health.
It is by now an open secret that Oli is most adept among politicians in colluding with the criminal elements in the country some of which were publicly praised by him as true UMLs a year or so back.
In case of TUTH, most of his and his party’s bidding is being done by the utterly unprofessional sycophant at TU, the VC Hira Bahadur Maharjan. The fact that then PM and UML chairman Jhalanath Khanal picked Maharjan for the post after declaring the date of his resignation was a telling evidence of the importance of appointing precisely that kind of person to the post.
During the second fast of Dr. Govinda K C when the VC had appointed a UML-aligned non-senior person as the acting Dean, it was said, some highly placed UML leaders had openly derided and dismissed Dr. K C’s demands of seniority-based appointment as the ploy to “uproot UML” from the institution. It was perfectly natural then that the newly appointed Dean Dr. Prakash Sayami, who had no blessings from the party or its proxies was to be somehow removed from the post.
They succeeded in their job yesterday. But it seems the minds behind the master plan have become more genius this time around. The evidence: they are now playing a confusing game of cat and mouse in typical, obscenely clever style of K P Oli. After frustrating Dr. Sayami into resignation, they have thrown the new card of appointing the three assistant deans and one campus chief as per Dr. Sayami’s recommendation; that too on a condition that Dr. Sayami agrees to take back his yet-to-be-approved resignation; sources say.

Now the picture becomes very clear. Had they done it (the appointments) a week or few days earlier, everything would have been moving smoothly by now. But they have precluded this possibility by deliberately delaying the decision till the point of time when Dr. Sayami has reached near a point of no return. Very few knowledgeable persons in the institution currently believe that Dr. Sayami will be back now after being so thoroughly incapacitated when he wanted to work with all his might for so many months.
The third point where K P Oli enters the drama is more personal and of course, more ominous. And this relates to the direct appointment of some Oli-favorite to one important job in the institution, as one knowledgeable faculty member puts it. Now the excuse will be that Dr. Prakash Sayami refused to continue in the job even when his demands on appointment were fulfilled. Thus while all the blame will go to the beleaguered professor, the Oli and company at TU will be free to run the institution on any way it likes by appointing their sycophants everywhere.
In few days, everything will be clear including whether Dr. Sayami will upset the Oli master plan with a surprising comeback. But so far, it is highly likely that the master plan will work because all that Nepali politicians have been exceling at so far is treachery. The sporadic attempts of some professionals to hinder them is unlikely to succeed, at least in the short term.
My best wishes to Oli’s illness; nope, his recovery.

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