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Sunday, November 4, 2012

TUTH: A disaster in waiting

A time-bomb ticks at TUTH as the TU officials eagerly wait for a failure of seniority-based appointee after silently instigating it for months.

I have a disturbing proposal to revive TUTH. Let it collapse first. Let there be no existence of this institution. Let everything go in disarray. Let people and students suffer. Let it just turn upside down.

Then somehow, the geniuses in politics and their proxies in the institution will realize that the status quo is not viable. If not shunning corruption, they will reduce it for the fear of another collapse. People will also know that the institution is in danger and what the doctors have been shouting all the times is true.

Alternatives are there but each one of them is bleaker than this one. I'll tell why.

Months back, after second fast-onto-death by Dr. Govinda K C, crooks in TU had reluctantly brought Dr. Prakash Sayami to the post of Dean. Apparently, Dr. Sayami did no miracles but his integrity was enough to avoid some of the disasters that have been usual for the institution. Holding a fair entrance examination for MBBS and other bachelor programs in the institution this year was possible precisely because he dared to nullify all the lopsided preparations that were underway.

But in a crooked system, fairness rarely succeeds. The notoriously unethical team at TU led by the UML-brand-VC Hira Bahadur Maharjan could no way digest the change at TUTH. A fair exam, a fair procurement, a fair administration are all good for the institution but not for the puppets of political honchos in the institution. From day 1, everything was done to sabotage any progress towards more transparency in the institution. The appointment of the three assistant deans and a campus chief was simply blocked because Dr. Sayami would refuse to do so according to political affiliations. He was thus alone and they eagerly waited for the moment when he would offer his resignation out of frustration.

It seems, the day has come and it is credibly rumored in the institution that Dr. Sayami can no longer continue in the job because of the constant sabotage from up.

Let's come to my proposal.TUTH, the leading institution of the country is in real existential threat. So far, all that is being  done is making cosmetic changes so as to hide the big holes. A public institution that goes into tens of millions of loss annually makes little economic sense to the state. Of course it is different when the institution in question serves to treat people. But when politicos and their proxies eye hundreds of millions at the cost of the institution (tens of millions they already have), when every entrance is sold out, affiliation to private medical colleges sold out, question papers of the board exams are sold out, it all makes little sense to perpetuate the status quo in such institutions.

What is required in the institution is thus a radical change. A change all the way from the top to the bottom. Now that the institutions like Patan Academy have been nearly crippled by appointment of political favorites, this disease will exempt no public health institution in the country. At least one institution, TUTH, is in moribund state economically and I think it makes sense to let it die. A rebirth of this institution is, of course, unavoidable given the fact that politicians like to do 'populist' things and also because a pressure on the government will be huge.

Realistically, I see no possibility of such re-energizing death of the institution. Rather the moribund state will be prolonged indefinitely so that newer generation of politicos and their professional slaves will continue amassing millions to hundreds of millions. A failure of Dr. Prakash Sayami, a seniority-based appointee, will speak very much in favor of those crooks and the old cycle of selling out everything to pauperize the institution will resume.

In fact, I am wondering if there is any third way out of the quagmire. I just wish I could be more optimistic.

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