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Friday, August 17, 2012

Shadow of wretched TU politics in TUTH: Let's act before it is too late to save Dr. Govinda K C

Till writing this piece, the hunger strike of Dr. Govinda K C continues on fifth day amid rapidly deteriorating health. A professional drama by the proxies of politicians in the form of parallel relay fasting is also ongoing supposedly against 'closure of the hospital'. 
 With rapidly deteriorating health of Dr. K C, the government has shown extreme apathy and ineptitude in handling the situation. The lesson of the ongoing chaos in the institution is that as long as it remains part of the Tribhuvan University with its system of political patronage and endless bickering among the favorites of different parties, the problems are sure to recur and exacerbate with time. 
It is an utter tragedy that a Professor has to jeopardize his life just to make sure that the unconscionable corrupts do not lead the institution; that too repeatedly. The parallel protest by the supporters of politically appointed Dean shows that the malady is here to stay so long as the political parties at national level keep practicing politics devoid of value and ethics. The moment the unfortunate shadow of TU politics and national politics is erased from the institution, most of the problems will be solved. 
In the meantime, saving life of Dr. K C is of prime importance. In that regard, none other than the authorities can do anything meaningful. That is why all the attempts are now being made to pressurize them to act before it is too late. 
 Nepal Medical Association leaders were there physically present today at the site of fasting by Dr. K C.  They are shortly organizing a press conference at Reporter's Club today. Also, according to Dr. Bishnu Rath Giri, the meeting of executive committee of NMA set to be held on 14:00 hours today is likely to take stern decision on the matter if the apathy of government continues. 
 Large no. of doctors inside Kathmandu valley are also together today along with the residents and UG students in the institution. The group also padlocked the Dean office and Maharajgunj Medical Campus today in retaliation to a notice published by Campus Chief yesterday threatening to prolong/alter the academic calender of students in response to their solidarity to Dr. K C.  
The locals in Maharajgunj have meanwhile pledged their support to Dr. K C's demands indirectly by placing a banner with a list of demands that also include appointment of officials at TUTH strictly on merit basis and an end to rampant politicization and corruption in the institution. 
If the problem is not sorted out by evening today, most likely it will be too late to save Dr. K C. Let's all contribute from our position to pressurize the authorities to that end in whatever way possible.

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