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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Second fast of Dr. Govinda K C, TUTH and the stray dogs in Kirtipur

Amid the second fast of Dr. Govinda K C in an attempt to cleanse the institution, a useful analogy of stray dogs with the TU officials.  

If you ask me who is most satisfied with the status quo in Kathmandu-based TU Teaching hospital, my answer is: dozens of stray dogs that dwell in the hospital premises and their counterparts in TU who enjoy sucking the institution dry. One more addition may be, I am not sure, the part of bloated beaurocracy who are thrust upon the institution by their masters in TU and political parties. 

If you ask me who feels cheated the most in the institution today, it is the hundreds of patients who approach this hospital with hope but are forced to seek the service in private hospitals because the TUTH can't cope up with that large a number. Had the institution not been like the carcass for the vultures, the current capacity surely would have been thrice what it is now. That way it would serve at least thrice the no. it is serving now. 

When Dr. Govinda K C went fasting last month with the aim of ending the reign of corruption and mismanagement, I covered the events extensively in this blog. When he finally ended the fast with appointment of a 5-week dean on seniority basis, I termed it a 'mission half-accomplished at best and ploy to by time at worst'. As we all were afraid, it has turned out to be the latter; it was indeed the ploy and the canine equivalents of TU office have again forced him to another fast. 

Dr. K C is in second fast now from yesterday afternoon after the TU officials showed no signs of implementing the criteria of seniority and or/or transparency in picking the new officials at IOM, TUTH. It seems the VC of the university who was extensively deplored in my last series is even more complicated figure than I wrote about. This is why I started this article with reference to dogs. 

Dogs are inherently greedy. And they are quarrelsome. They are loyal and honest also; no offence meant to one of the nature's beautiful creatures. But when people start behaving like dogs, that makes the human interactions pretty unwelcome. Despite their loyalty, dogs have poor sense of honor and decency, specially the stray dogs. While deferring to the well-dressed and apparently well-to-do persons, they chase the rag-pickers very badly.  TU officials have replicated that behavior: while deferring to their wealthy and powerful masters in political parties, they are eternally chasing the poor patients who approach the hospital.

Not every beaurocrat or professional in this land is of that kind but those who happen to reach the top posts possess many of the attributes of a dog, that too a stray dog. Seen it other way, those who possess those reach the top posts more conveniently. They drool throughout their careers in lower posts, serve their illegitimate masters loyally, and quarrel with their rivals bitterly. Once in the top post, they start serving their masters even more loyally, no matter what happens to others. This is indeed the tragedy of public institutions in Nepal. Since these dogs are answerable to their illegitimate masters and not the public, things never normalize.

Let's see how do those dogs respond to fasting of Dr. Govinda K C this time around. They may be already planning for another ploy. As I referred last time, loose shame and you are out to win the whole world. So seems the case for our stray dogs in Kirtipur. 

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