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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dr. Govinda K C breaks fast with mission half(?) accomplished

End of Dr. K C's fast means many things to many people. For VC, a damage control method in face of imminent disgrace; for IOM family, salvaging Dr. K C's worsening health; and for newly appointed Dean, none knows what. At best the mission has been half accomplished and at worst, this is a ploy to buy time till Dr. Kafle's retirement so that the old practice can be repeated. 

Dr. Govinda K C who had been on fast onto death since 4 days has broken his fast from the hands of National Resident Doctor's Association president Dr. Badri Rijal and one of the sweepers in the hospital. 

After much lackluster, the VC office had sent a letter late yesterday evening appointing Dr. Kumud Kumar Kafle as the new Dean of IOM, TUTH.

With this, the first demand of Dr. K C has been apparently met because Dr. Kafle is supposed to be appointed on seniority basis even though many issues linger. The officials were naturally silent about the other two demands that  included the punishment of the incumbent officials for their irregularities in the past and the resignation of the TU officials for their impotence and ineptitude. 

Yet the calculus among political and apparently apolitical powers which led to the result is not known and most likely, will never be known. The issue is likely to reemerge soon as Dr. Kafle is understood to be approaching the retirement age very soon. 

Many doubt that the move of the VC office could be a ploy to befool Dr. K C by appointing Dr. Kafle while making their own skewed choices once he leaves the chair soon. 

Speaking to huge and sweating crowd in the congested seminar hall, the fast premises, Dr. Kafle tried to assure the crowd that his appointment was for a real change and urged everyone for cooperation. 

Meanwhile, throughout the program, the role played by the NRDA and Free Student's Union on pressurizing the authorities was repeatedly praised. The students at both UG and PG level have taken the letter from VC cautiously and the president of NRDA, Dr. Badri Rijal warned that further protests will follow if the irregularities emerge again after retirement of Dr. Kafle. 

All in all, the letter from VC, a man already thoroughly discredited for having sold his professional integrity to politicians for mean personal gains, has been able to soothe the crowd for the moment even though the crux of the problem is not yet reached. The agitating groups, with their own limitations, are now content to salvage the health of Dr. K C, a towering figure in the institute whose mere presence has a profound effect of providing a sense of honor and dignity to the medical profession with his impeccable academic and professional acumen and selfless service. 

To summarize, the system in the institution which is already thoroughly corrupted like every other public body in the country is unlikely to undergo any fundamental change. Neither can that be expected from the efforts of a single committed man. Yet, this has created a ripple in the stagnation in the system where the politicians buy and sell the souls of professionals for utterly repulsive transactions at the cost of millions of people. 

If more people stand upto the challenge of cleansing the system, that may not be impossible in the future. Now time to engage in duty with a mission that is probably half accomplished. 

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