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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Good Bye to first innings

Swimming is all that easy but not crossing the river!!
Declaring an interlude

To me writing is fun (getting repeated rejections from publishers is not all that fun, though).

In two years of active writing and quasi-journalism, I have seen a lot and written a lot but I have really no clue how relevant part or whole of that has been.

Writing online has many plus points, one of them being the fact that number of my readers in US is nearly equal to those in Nepal and for every pageview from Nepal, there are three from abroad.

The most precious of all, this blog has helped me connect with some people with whom I was least likely to interact otherwise. This includes all the authors with their names in Guest column plus Noam Chomsky whom I interviewed through email but had to disguise it while publishing because he wished so.

Isn't that all fantastic?

It seems. But so far writing hasn't done one thing to me: it hasn't fed me. So, I have to do something else to feed so that I can survive and write, of course.

There lies the crux of the problem.

Am I going to stop writing to focus on feeding me? Sort of, for the time being. 

To give my academic course its due time, I have decided not to write henceforth unless I feel it is impossible not to write.

Hence my regular writing as a 'student' comes to an end.

But day follows every night. Eight months from now, if everything goes as planned, I will come out as a professional and not a student (a rather sorry state for someone who has called him a student for 2.5 decades!).

And for that professional life, I have some good plans about writing.

That is for later. In the meantime, I'll keep editing contributions from guests and posting them. Hopefully, they will contribute regularly enough not to disappoint my reader traffic, particularly at the weekends.

In a sense, my first innings as the 'student' active writer and blogger is about to come to an end. What comes after eight months will be a professional doing writing and blogging; the second innings for me.

And, by the way, my articles so far published in international outlets were the result of my endless experiments that I did with this blog.

If someone is naive enough to believe that I have some craft of writing, it is the result of my endless experiments with the words in this blog.

Words are not enough to express gratitude to a patient and committed readership that I have enjoyed all along the first innings. They have stuck to me despite all sorts of bizarre experiments I have been doing with words all along.

And my profound gratitude to all the guest contributors who have broken the monotony of my writing in the blog. Along with time tested contributors like Jeremy R Hammond, Ramzy Baroud and Maung Zarny, I have recently been privileged to find esteemed new contributors like Ali Malik and Nauman Sadiq.

The contributors of my special issues like Chaitanya Mishra, Avaya Shrestha, Saguna Shah, Prakash Lamichhane, Indra Dhoj Kshetri, Subhas Lamichhane and Aqeel Abbas deserve equal gratitude. Other occasional contributors have included LB Chhetri, Suruwat Lokendra K C, Sanjiwan Pradhan and Devi Prasad Tiwari and they have given a much needed diverse flavor to the readers.

Thanking you all, I declare my renewed affection to so-far-neglected part of studying for the academic course; it would be immense injustice not to study for eight months before final exams. After all, it is the degree from that academic course that will feed me; I can't fathom my writing and blogging will ever feed me twice a day!

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