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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The flame of hope about to be doused at TUTH

After leaving a lasting legacy at TUTH in a tenure that lasted for a few months, Dr. Bhagawan Koirala has finally relented to the odds stacked against him in the institution, according to sources.

There is no official information on when exactly he resigned and whether the resignation was accepted but his days as Executive Director of TUTH seem to be numbered.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Koirala's resignation is likely to start a chain of events undoing nearly all of the accomplishments made so far towards reforming the institution.

Even though most media reports related to TUTH have been praising the work of Dr. Koirala, I had posted an article in February 6 titled 'TUTH: Past crimes come to haunt the present' outlining the unassailable odds that were likely to hinder Dr. Koirala's performance. And at the center of them were the swindles of the past administrations. 

While the unwholesome inheritance from the predecessors is a key factor, it is understood, more factors are at play in speeding up Dr. Koirala's exit from the office. It was commonly believed that the murky politics had been sidelined in the institution after TU officials agreed to appointments not based on political affiliation after resignation by Dr. Sayami months back.

However, the contrary seems to have been true. Consistent noncooperation and resistance nearing sabotage from the professors and faculties from a particular political community has been the catalyst to Dr. Koirala's early exit, according to sources.

Either way, the future looks bleak: Dr. Prakash Sayami is understandably unwilling to continue in the office in absence of his complete team in different posts. The moment he leaves, a scramble will surely ensue between the candidates of choice in two political camps. One from neither is likely to perform the way present team is performing given the fact that the ethics and professionalism have to be abandoned the moment the officials get the blessing of the big corrupt creatures of the country, the politicians.

Coming few days will make the whole story more clear. But the institution is surely heading the wrong way, as things are evolving.

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